50% Of Pets Overweight

First, we have the original problem of so many people in our country being obese and now this! I actually read a statistic the other day that said 50 percent yes on half of the country will be obese (not just overweight OBESE) bu the year 2030.  That is crazy to me! However, now it is even effecting our house pets!? What is going on! I actually remember my High School girlfriend she had a cat that we called “Fat Pat” because the thing was so big it could barely move! Our 16 year-old minds just thought it was so funny!

Looks like Fat Pat is not the only one.  The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (did anyone even know there was such an association?) says that one half of cats and fogs are currently overweight.  They went on to mention the fact that 20 percent of these pets are actually obese.  The association recommended that pet owners should keep their pets on a diet and make sure that they are getting outside to get plenty of exercise.  The bigger problem I see here is if the majority of us can not keep ourselves on diets with exercise how in the world can we expect people to do this with their pets!



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