Man Robs A Bank For One Dollar

First robbing a make period is clearly not a bright idea but for one dollar is just crazy! I mean there are so many other ways that you can make a buck! At first the bank tellers thought it was a joke as Jeffrey McMullen a 50-year-old man from Pennsylvania demanded that he was robbing the bank for ONE DOLLAR! He even went as far to hand the teller a note letting her know that he was robbing the bank for one dollar.  When they thought it was a joke he told them once again exactly what he was doing.

With all that in mind it is rather evident that his goal was for the police to come, get arrested, and be brought off to prison.  Not really sure why he would want to go to prison but his preliminary hearing now awaits him.  My guess would be that he wanted to go to jail so that he had some shelter.  With fall and winter on the way it becomes a tough time to be homeless! So by getting arrested for robbing a bank for one dollar he will get arrested however his penalty will not be nearly as bad as if he robbed a bank for millions!

Why do you think he did this!?

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