Hopsin Hangs From The Rafters During Performance At The Shelter

All of my hiphop heads know who Hopsin is, but let me give you the rundown if that’s not you.  Marcus Hopson AKA Hopsin is a 27 year old rapper from Los Angeles who gained underground popularity thru his Youtube video uploads, most notably the “Ill Mind Of Hopsin” series.  You may remember the buzz he got back in 2010 from his single “Sag My Pants.”  Oh yeah, he opened the BET awards the other day too.  Just little stuff like that.

Anyhow, Hopsin rolled thru Detroit for a performance downtown at the Shelter on Tuesday night.  I was blessed enough to score tickets, and I’m glad I went!  As you probably know, The Shelter is a small intimate venue for a few hundred guests.  Man, that thing was on TILT!  The crowd is screaming, jumping, and Hopsin spent a LOT of time crowd surfing.  This is how crazy it got:

If you don’t know about Hopsin, check out the latest “Ill Mind Of Hopsin 5” here.  Either way, I recommend you see a show at The Shelter ASAP.

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