Man Is Eaten By His Own Pigs

Oregon Investigators are rather confused towards how 69-year-old Vance Garner died at the hands of his own pigs.  Only very few parts of his body remand including his dentures and the rest had been consumed by the pigs.  Garner was feeding the pigs last Wednesday and it is not 100% where it went wrong from here.  Either he must have been knocked down by the pigs while feeding them or he had a medical problem like a heart attack and collapsed.  What remained of his body has been sent to University of Oregon to be analyzed however his exact cause of death is yet to be determinded

Not going to lie when I was younger I actually wanted to have a pig as a pet! Especially after watching the movie Babe.  However, after reading this I may have changed my mind.  To me pigs have always seemed so inocent.  This makes me think, was this man too old to be feeding his pigs? Pigs never really seem to be vicious animals that would attack a person.  I feel like his own physical abilities was the casue for this and the pigs where just there and may have consumed him after he had fallen and or died…

With all this in mind what do you think is the WORST way to pass away!?



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