Having A Pet Prepares You For A Relationship!


1. You are able to put others needs in front of yours as if you were in a relationship!  Whether  you have to walk the dog or feed it another living being relies on you to live!

2. You are able to get exposed to another persons bodily functions.  This is big for those who actually live with their boyfriend or girlfriend.  Whether it is cleaning up after your animal bathroom habits or just seeing this will help with living with others in general!

3. When you begin to open your heart and emotions to a pet it makes it more natural for you to do that with your relationship.  Only pet owners can really understand what it is like to truly be emotional connected to your pet.  Whether it is just laying around with it, walking it or talking to it, they become a part of your life.  These are similar connections to those that you will have in a relationship

4. You are forced to grow up and become more and more mature! Having another living being depend on you makes you organize your life.  Before you go out on a Friday night you must prepare to be able to take care of your pet the next day.  Or when you go out-of-town you need to find someone to take care of your pet etc.  With this you begin to live a life style that makes a relationship a lot more reasonable!

5. You are forced to compromise more and more! No longer can you just do whatever you want when you want at the drop of a dime.  Now, with a pet you have to find a happy medium and learn to compromise much like you would in a relationship!


With that said do you think that having a pet really helps you get ready for a relationship!?


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