VIDEO: Cats Are Smarter Than Dogs!

Not going to lie I literally laughed out loud this entire video! They could have gone with another voice guy but it still was hilarious.  I mean they clearly did a good job with the video it almost has 1 million views.  I personally had cats and dogs growing up.  Even at one point I felt like my cat was pregnant ever other week and more cats kept showing up! So this made me think what animal really is smarter!? Cats or dogs!? Well first looking at my cat who got knocked up every other week clearly she was not smart enough to use protection! However, cats do seem to always be under control, calm, cool and collective! My cats never went to the bathroom in the house either, they were easily trained to use their litter box.  Also think about this, you can just let your cat out and it will know to come back to your house when it is ready where, on the other hand, dogs you have to put on a leash or they will run away!

So what do you think who is smarter!? Cats or dogs!?


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