Buck Sits Down With Conor Maynard

You might think that YouTube has only been a starting point for Justin Bieber.  But thanks to the fact that it really does help up and coming artists get exposure, so many people are giving it a shot!  And since Conor Maynard is the real deal, his success isn’t a surprise to anyone!  While Conor is from England, he is currently hitting it big here in the United States.  And he recently was in Detroit, and he sat down with Buck to chat about his rise in popularity!

Even though Conor was discovered on YouTube, he is more than a one hit wonder.  And thanks to McDonald’s, Buck actually got a chance to sit with Conor and pick his brain a little bit.  While Buck was already impressed with Conor, he got to learn even more about him, and he got to see just how hard of a worker he is!


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