Butt Chugging!?

So it has not been too long since I was in college and I will be the first to admit I did (hmmm still do) some crazy things! Everything from keg stands to funneling to ice looges and more however this one story I came across today made me look like an angel.  A student of the University of Tennessee was recently rushed to the Emergency room for “Party Rockin” a little to hard! What did they do? To many drugs? Pass out drunk?
NO they were “butt chugging”, yes its just what it sounds like, chugging alcohol through their anus.  apparently this is actually an efficient way to get alcohol into your system…who would have known!? Officers found drunk students all around the Phi Kappa Alpha house and found Alexader P. Broughton with a blood alcohol level over .40. He was admitted into the hospital and made a full recovery.  I personally just wonder who in this group was like I have a great idea lets chug alcohol in this fashion!? How did it not cross anyones mind hmm maybe this is not a great idea!?
Okay, so I understand we all did some not so very smart things in college but what is the dumbest thing you did in college!?

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