83 Year Old Grandma Does Keg Stand At College Football Game

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She’s one of the nicest, sweetest, most caring, and giving people you will ever meet. And at 83 years old, she can still party harder than some college kids. No it’s not Slacker’s Grandma either. Does your Granny still party this hard?

‘Grandma’ as she is referred to, is an 83-year-old that agreed to be held upside down by some young male companions, while she guzzles beer through a tap. And it isn’t the first time the silver-haired LSU Tigers fan has volunteered for the job. Exactly a year ago she was filmed at a football game doing the very same thing.

Wearing a grey LSU tracksuit, she challenged the men to pick her up as the crowd whooped and whistled her on. When she was put back down on firm ground, she flashed a proud smile of victory at her ability to join in the football fun just like all the young fans.

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