Students And Inmates Eat Identical Lunches; Jailhouse Food Is Healthier

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A recent study compared the average daily menus of jailhouses and elementary schools, and got some interesting results. Both meals contain roughly the same number of calories (around 1,400) but what’s shocking is that prisoners are allowed a greater serving of fruit and vegetables than growing children.

Students are missing out on essential vitamins and mineral, being served just half a cup of fruit or vegetables, compared with prisoners’ half cup plus one piece of fruit. They are also given less meat, a maximum of two ounces while inmates get three or four.

Also, prison chefs can feed an inmate on approximately $2.62-per-day, compared with $2.68 for just one school lunch.

twitter2 Students And Inmates Eat Identical Lunches; Jailhouse Food Is Healthier

By the way, less than one third of school food operations meet the recommended standard for saturated fat in their meals while the meat products go through fewer standard tests than the ground beef served at fast food chains such as McDonald’s and Burger King. So do you miss your school lunch now?

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