Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong FREAKS Out On Stage!

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Michael Kovac/Getty Images

Michael Kovac/Getty Images

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Omg!  When I saw this video of Green Days frontman Billie Joe freaking out on stage I was dying!  I hate to say it, but I thought it was great! He makes a lot of good points.

While performing at a festival in Las Vegas, Green Day was rocking out on stage when they were told to wrap it up and they only had 1 minute left.  That’s when the music stopped, and the rampage began! On top of it, he totally put Justin Bieber on blast…

Now, speculation is Billie Joe Armstrong is having substance abuse issues.  Since this incident he has checked himself into rehab.  Hey, sometimes you have to snap to realize there is a much bigger problem.  Have you ever spazzed out on someone or over something like this?   Here’s Billie’s freak out:

WARNING: viewer discretion is advised

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