Do Employees Steal From Your Work?

Not sure why we even have to bring this up, but there was an incident this past Friday here at the 98.7 AMP Radio Studios.  Bagels were provided in our kitchen area for people to snack on early Friday morning,  Next to the bagels, there was a jar that was asking for donations for the Michigan Humane Society.  While it was not mandatory to donate for a bagel, it would still be a nice gesture to donate.  Well, there was not much money in the jar, but all the bagels were gone after just a few hours, and we know who is to blame!

OK, so while it was not mandatory to donate, it is pretty messed up to think that someone can’t spare a few pieces of change for a bagel that costs much more!  And thanks to security footage, we caught many employees red-handed NOT DONATING!  You can hear us call them out in today’s podcast:

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