15 Yeard Old Spanked At School…

Taylor Santos who is a 15-year-old sophomore at Spingtown High School in Texas was spanked or paddled for cheating at school.  Allegedly Santos let a student copy her school work.  Her original punishment for this was 2 days of in-school suspension however she asked if she could be spanked or paddled instead and this was accepted as an equal punishment she was paddled by a school administrator.  Now what do you think her mother said!? She must have been mad right!? She was…but NOT because her daughter was paddled.  Instead she was mad because her daughter was paddled by a male administrator.  There was a female in the room however a male did the actual paddling.  Taylor Santos was outraged as she felt the only acceptable away for a student to be paddled was by a same-sex administrator

First off, and maybe this is because I am not from the south but is it even legal to spank a student, a High School student at that!  For me and my life experiences I have thought that the days of even being spanked at home where over if not close to being over.  However, as I looked deeper into this I found out that it is still legal in 19 states for students to be spanked as a punishment.  Next, even if it is legal would you ever let your child be spanked at school!? Again, as I looked more into this story the mother actually signed off on the fact that it was ok for her daughter to be spanked!

Would you let your child be spanked!? Do you think it is okay for school administrators to spank children?


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