Miley Cyrus Has Wild Sex!

Miley Cryus is really make sure we know her good girl image is no longer! She has done everything from changing her hair to boozy nights to ripping bongs! Now she really wants the public to know that she is no longer the family friendly girl we once knew.  She recently announced that her sex life with Liam is wilder than anything Fifty Shades of Grey has to offer!  She went on to say that her and Liam make sure they “fulfil each other’s fantasies” and have “Wild Sex” that would make event he characters of Fifty Shades Of Grey blush.

The National Enquierer reported that Miley said …

“There’s no holds barred…the sex is wild! Liam fulfills all my fantasies, and I fulfil his.”

I do not mind Miley growing up just like any other young adult would however, is there a need for her to talk about it so openly!? I have heard a saying before, something like, the person who talks about it the most is doing it the least.  I am not saying that Miley is not doing all these crazy things but she does not need to talk about it so much.  I mean being a person in the limelight like herself enough info will get out as it is, does she really need to add fuel to the fire!?


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