Buck And Coop Play iPhone 5 Versus

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Buck and Coop recently gave out a bunch of free iPhone 5‘s before you could buy them. But as of today, the iPhone 5 was officially released to the general public! The phone has caused a ton of buzz for months now. But, what do your fellow Detroiters REALLY think of the latest Apple toy?

Buck and Coop sent their executive producer Gillian out to Royal Oak, Novi, and a bunch of AT&T stores to talk to local Apple fans and see JUST how much they love the phone. People had been waiting in line for HOURS, huddling under blankets and setting up tents just for a chance at the latest Apple technology.

They played a little game of iPhone Versus! So do you think most people would pick Kate Upton or an iPhone 5? What about the ability to time travel or an iPhone 5? Click below to listen! :)

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