Her Husband Is Her Father!?

Sit down if you’re not already and I’ll hold your virtual hand as I walk you through this one. Sixty-year-old Ohio woman Valerie Spruill made a horrifying discovery after her husband Percy passed away: that he was actually her father.

You’re probably wondering,  how this is possible. Here’s how it went down: Valerie was raised by her grandparents from the age of three months on. Her mother Christine, who was a “night lady” and put away for sex charges in 1980, got together with her father Percy when she was only 15. The pair had seven children together, including Valerie, and Valerie suspects she has more siblings out there.

As an adult, Valerie met and married Percy, having no idea who he was. After Percy passed away, an uncle told Valerie the truth about Percy and the story was confirmed with a DNA test. Valerie remains uncertain whether or not Percy knew she was his daughter when he married her. She believes he knew, but was afraid to tell her. And for good reason. Jeez, couldn’t her uncle have said something sooner and saved her the trouble? What gives?

Anyhow,the silver lining on this dark ass cloud is that Valerie has been receiving professional help to deal with her situation and has decided to share her painful story to see if she can locate other siblings she didn’t know about. “My biggest goal is to find them and let ’em know that [their mother] loved them, no matter what, … And [to say], ‘Thank God she gave you away like she did me, so you could have a beautiful life,’” Valerie explained.


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