Kanye West Has Mitt Moment With New Song: “Mitt Romney Don’t Pay No Tax”

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(Kanye at Occupy Wall Street protest in 2011/ Photo credit: Timothy A. Clary/ Getty Images)

(Kanye at Occupy Wall Street protest in 2011/ Photo credit: Timothy A. Clary/ Getty Images)

Judging by his new song, the stroll through the Occupy Wall Street camp back in 2011 didn’t spark Kanye West‘s inner 99 percenter. With the first single from his forthcoming Cruel Summer album he points to Mitt Romney and his minimum tax rate as a model for holding onto his own cash. 

On the new single, “To The World,” West teams up with fellow Chi-Town native, R. Kelly. On the chorus, Kelly calls for listeners to “put your middle fingers up.” And later he references Dave Chapelle’s Show Rick James skit, where the rock star stomped on Eddie Murphy’s couch: “The whole world is a couch, B**** I’m Rick James tonight.” It’s that type of song. 

Kanye follows up with a rap that highlights Mitt Romney’s tax controversy, in which the Republican presidential nominee has been accused of paying a lower tax rate than most Americans. There were reports that his tax returns, which he refuses to disclose, were stolen. 

“I’m just trying to protect my stacks/ Mitt Romney don’t pay no tax/ Mitt Romney don’t pay no tax.” 

Kanye West is no stranger to provocative statements that rile political figures. He famously stated that “George Bush doesn’t like black people” during a telethon to benefit the hurricane Katrina relief effort. And President Obama called him a “jack ass” for crashing the stage during Taylor Swift’s VMA acceptance speech. 

While the lyrics seem to be a tongue in cheek send-up of Romney’s “money hoarding” ways, West appears to co-sign and dry-snitch at the same time.

It’s the second Romney reference by a popular rapper since the Republican National Convention in August. 

Earlier in September, Nicki Minaj dropped what appeared to be Romney supporting lyrics on Lil Wayne’s “Mercy.”

I’m a Republican voting for Romney/ You lazy B**** F****in’ up the economy.”

After President Obama weighed in, stating that Minaj may have been employing one of her many alter-egos, Minaj offered the president all her support. --Erik Parker, CBS Local  

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