New K-Pop Hit Gangnam Style Video On Its Way To Becoming More Viral Than Call Me Maybe Video

Have you heard the new Korean Pop hit “Gangnam Style” yet?  If not, I’m sure you will soon, we’re now playing it on Amp Radio!

Anyhow, the video has been incredibly catchy, spawning all kinds of spoof videos and celebrity responses.  Matter of fact, the two most viewed videos on Youtube this week were Carly Rae Jepsen in “Call Me Maybe” and Psy with “Gangnam Style.”  While Carly Rae leads in total views with 250 million since the video went live March 1st, Gangnam Style has picked up 150 million views since July 15th.  If the numbers stay consistent, it looks like the South Korean “K-Pop” video might catch Carly Rae in total views in the next month or so.  Gangnam Style is currently getting six million views a day, to Call Me Maybe’s 1.5 million (which, more than likely, can be credited to about 10,000 preteen girls who watch it on repeat 100 times in a row every day.)

Check out the graph and get more info here: What do you think?  Will Gangnam style ever catch Call me Maybe?

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