77 Pound Dachshund Aims To Lose Weight!

In some respects, Obie is your normal dachshund.  He is loving, and enjoys being around a ton of people.  But that is where he draws the line.  Where a normal weight for a dachshund is 32 lbs, when they start getting heavier, is when people start calling them sausage dogs, because they really do look like sausages.  Well, Obie is the biggest sausage dog around, weighing 77 lbs!

fat11n 3 web 77 Pound Dachshund Aims To Lose Weight!


Buck and Coop saw Obie’s story yesterday morning, and really wanted to talk about it.  According to The NY Daily News, Obie’s owners really love him, but actually had to give him up because they couldn’t really take care of him anymore, mainly because their health wouldn’t allow it.  I would say that no one’s health is very good here, because Obie weighs more than TWICE what he should!

A very dedicated vet, Nora Vanetta, has taken Obie in and is going to try to help him lose some weight!

“I plan to do swim therapy with him and treadmill work once he starts to lose a little,” Vanetta wrote, adding that Obie “may eventually need to have excess skin surgically removed. “

Read more: NYDAILYNEWS.com

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