How To Streak At A Sporting Event And Get Away With It

The #1 event on my bucket list isn’t going to the Super Bowl or traveling around the world. That would be nice, but I would rather go streaking at a professional event. Now I know it’s pretty tricky, that’s why I came up with a few tips to helps you on your next streak.

Step 1: Wear a mask. Red works!
Step 2: Run naked and fast across a football field.
Step 3: Begin evasive maneuvers.
Step 4: Risk great bodily harm by hurling yourself over fences. Also, hope the cops trip.
Step 5: Risk even greater bodily harm to climb a chain link fence with your manhood hanging free.
Step 6: Have a getaway car waiting, and have it arrive at the perfect time.

All of these steps happened the other week in Florida during a Seminole High School’s homecoming football game in! No word on if the streaker was ever identified or caught, but that’s the point!

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