Michigan Couple Caught ‘Making Babies’ Behind A Hot Dog Stand

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We were all young once and made pretty poor decisions, but this one is hilarious! The 19-year-old man and a 22-year-old woman were caught having sex behind a hot dog stand in Traverse City, MI. Yes, a HOT DOG STAND! They couldn’t find a better place for this?

Cops were called because of a woman screaming and when they got there the couple was completely naked and going at it in the parking lot. What happens if I want a Hot Dog that day? I don’t wanna see you guys out there doing the dirty when I’m trying to eat dinner.

Good news. Cops made them stop, but the couple explained they were having consensual sex and that they just made a poor decision on where to have it. Cops agreed and arrested them. Let’s be real, where is the weirdest place you’ve ‘made love’?

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