Beyonce Still Keeps Her Distance From Kim Kardashian

At first I thought they just didn’t hang a lot because when they are in the same room their butts automatically touch but guess I was wrong…Here is what sources say…

“Beyonce is always very cordial with Kim, but she’s keeping her distance. … The
Kardashians are not what I’d call inside her comfort zone. At the end of the
day, even though Bey can be very flamboyant on stage when she’s performing,
she’s basically a pretty private, even somewhat shy person. Don’t get me wrong,
she’s a strong personality and makes her opinions very clear, but she’s not into
what I’d call ‘personal flamboyance’ — like what you see from the Kardashians. …
You will never see Beyonce doing a reality show — that’s for sure. You know what
I’m saying?”

I do not blame Beyonce I mean the seem to be drastically different people! First and foremost Beyonce got famous and didn’t even need a sex tape or a nip slip! Kim K exactly the opposite! Must make it tough though since Kanye West and Jay-Z are so tight!

Do you have that one person that no matter what you just can not stand being around them!?


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