The Mikey V Movie Theater

So when I got my first apartment on my own when I was 21 (3 years ago) I was thinking about buying a really nice TV however I didn’t know what one to get!  The more I looked into it and the pricing I realized why not get a projector and have my own little movie theater!  I mean it was the same price if not cheaper than a nice TV so to be honest I don’t know why more people don’t get them!

Since I moved into my new house not only a month ago I had not set up my #MikeyVMovie theater yet!  So I spend my labor day weekend turning my basement into a movie theater!  It began by doing what any normal person would when they need a projection screen…search on Craigslist! Once I found a nice sketchy deal on a 100 inch I met them at a real random CVS and bought it! This may have been top 3 in sketchy purchases in my life!  After that I bought some speaker stands and the rest was history! Here are some pictures and more to come!

mvmt2 The Mikey V Movie Theater

mvmt The Mikey V Movie Theater



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