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LeAnn Rimes has checked herself into rehab for 30 days of treatment to “cope with emotional issues,” and a bizarre phone call was released where she calls a random woman and rants about her husband’s ex-wife,

Brandi Glanville.  LeAnn apparently called the woman, named Kimberly Smiley, because Kimberly had been supporting Brandi and saying some nasty stuff about LeAnn on Twitter.

Now LeAnn is filing a $25,000 lawsuit against Kimberly for recording the phone call, which happened during a lunch where LeAnn took out some of her fans.  (–Here’s part of the phone call where LeAnn says Brandi is “vindictive,” and she’s done “plenty to [her].”  The woman accuses LeAnn of calling Brandi “a vindictive effing B.”  She actually heard it wrong, but not by much . . . LeAnn actually said Brandi is, quote, “vindictive as [eff]ing sh**.”  You can hear it 28 seconds into the recording of the phone call.)

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