Kim Kardashian Losing The Booty?

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Okay so a few days ago I posted about how I thought it was a little crazy that Kim Kardashian was allowing Kanye West to re-do her entire wardrobe.  Personaly, I feel that your style and clothes say a lot about you as a person and have your boyfriend or girlfriend picking it all out for you, no matter who it is, is rather controlling!

Well it got even worse! As Kanye was fitting Kim for her new wardrobe this is what sources say happened:

“She was busting out of his clothes and even had to go a couple of sizes bigger on some of the dresses.”

So now she is working out extra hard just to cut some LB’s.  I think this is crazy! She is known for her body and not being the prototype super skinny celeb! She should not want to change for anyone or their clothes!  Okay well I will not be too mad as long  as she doesn’t lose her booty (-:

Bottom line is I want to know what Ray J thinks of all this….


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