‘I Love You Denard’ Is A Big Hit Before Game Day!

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The big game of the University of Michigan against Alabama is just a day away.  Even if you are an MSU fan, you have to admit tomorrow’s game should be a real test for both U of M and Alabama, and we can get a good glimpse into how their season might go.  Well, there are millions of U of M fans that are ready to scream GO BLUE after a hopeful victory.  But there is on fan that just wants to say ‘I Love You Denard.’

Pat Stansik and his buddies are HUGE U of M fans.  And to show their support for the team and the school’s starting quarterback, Denard Robinson, Pat made a very special song!

U of M has made quite a few headlines recently.  Obviously, the game on Saturday is a big deal, and so is Pat’s song.  But there was also a story where a 5 year old from Oklahoma was made to take of his U of M shirt while at school.  We talked to the little boy and his mom about the who thing.  You can listen to that podcast, here!

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