Listen To 98.7 AMP Radio And Eat Less!

Yes eating out is a good time but the extra calories your consume hmmm not so awesome!  I have come across a study that shows an easy was to eat less without having to use your willpower reserves!

A study from Cornell shows that people tend to eat less at a restaurant when the lighting and music is softer! This study actually showed that with the lights and music correctly tweaked the average diner actually ate 175 fewer calories!  If you eat out a lot those 175 calories can add up fast!!  Scientists say the soft music will actually make you eat slower and when you eat slower you get the feeling of being full faster resulting in you eating less

Although this study was done on people who eat out I am sure it will also work when you eat at home! So next time you and your family sit down for dinner turn on 98.7 AMP Radio softly and eat less!!


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