Would You Go Through Your Mans Phone!?

Do you go through your man’s cell phone!? If so you are not alone.  I was surprised to read today that 37% of women say it is perfectly fine to go through their man’s cell phone if they think that he is engaging in “bad behavior” (according to a new survey of 2,000 people from the online dating site OurTime.com).  On the other side, only 29% of guys think that this is ok!

What ever happened to having trust in a relationship!? From my experience going through someones cell phone will only cause more problems.  First off, you will see things you shouldn’t and ever worse think they are more than they really are.  I am not going to lie I have gone through past girlfriends cell phones and all it did was make my mind go more crazy and end up being the downfall of our relationship.  I now firmly believe that if you get to the point in a relationship that you have the desire to go through someones cell phone you have already lost trust and shouldnt be dating them.

“A relationship without trust; is like a car without gas. You can sit in it as long as you want, but it won’t go anywhere.”

So with all that said have you gone through your mans phone!??? Is it ok!?


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