Friends Visiting Detroit !

So if you didn’t already know I am the new guy around the 987 AMP Radio hallways!  I was born and raised in Boston then moved to New York, then Indianapolis and now happy in Detroit! Through all that moving over the past 2 years I have met many people made many friends and also left many friends.  Luckily, this weekend some of my best friends from Indianapolis are here in Detroit visiting!

It is good to have some good friends around while going out and meeting so many new faces! Last night we went out to a bar and it was like nothing has changed…which means a lot of shots! We are going out tonight most likely in Royal Oak and then I will also take them to Woody’s Saturday night as I host with 987 AMP Radio!  With all that in mind one thing that I have been thinking about is that no matter where you are in life and where life takes you real friends will never go away and with a snap of a finger things go right back to how they where last time you saw them!

This quote seems to explain it all!

“Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart”

Have a GREAT weekend!



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