Buck Head Discusses Prince Harry On TMZ Live!

One of the biggest stories right now is how Prince Harry was caught partying pretty hard in Las Vegas, and some random person thought it would be great to snap a few naked pictures of the prince.  All the different news sources, including TMZ has been talking about the story, and who is to blame.  While many people are laying blame with security and even Harry himself, Buck Head went on TMZ Live to talk about who he thinks is at blame!

Just this morning, Buck and Coop thought they would reenact the whole Prince Harry nude photo, which you can see here (NSFW).  And with all of the different stories going around the news about how Harry will be punished, Buck had a chance to go on TMZ Live on Thursday to talk about who he thinks is at fault!

Remember, you can actually vote between naked Prince Harry v. naked Buck and Coop.  Yeah, that’s right!  Buck and Coop went nude in the studio Thursday morning, and it was photographed!  Just remember, the photo is NSFW, so vote at your own risk!  Click HERE to vote!


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