America’s Most Corrupt Apple Store: Macs Being Traded In For Plastic Surgery

The most corrupt Apple store is apparently in Dallas where the former manager was trading in Apple products to a plastic surgeon so she could get her stomach stapled. Two former so-called “Genius” Apple employees did an interview with a magazine to talk about how corrupt the store was.

They say employees would take advantage of Apple’s lax return policy and destroy iPhones just so they could get new ones.  They also say employees would have big parties and some would even drink on the job.  And one of the workers said he used someone else’s hard drive as a skateboard cause he told the store he smelled.

Has anything like this ever happened at a job you worked at? I mean, come on bartering is on the rise with shows like ‘Barter Kings’ but who does that? If you worked at a car dealership would you trade someone a car for something… probably not!


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