Here Are The 5 Things You Should Never Send As A Text

It’s just what we do now, text instead of talk. I personally would much rather talk to someone on the phone then have a text conversation. A new study found that the number of texts adults send and receive in a day doubled from 2009 to 2010, that just crazy!

People are texting more and more and it’s getting pretty bad. Here are five things you should never send in a text message.

1. “I think we should see other people.”
I bet you didn’t know 33% of adults had broken up with someone via text, e-mail or Facebook. Another 40% said they “would never” do it. Be honest, have you?

2. “Will you marry me?”
No man should EVER send a text proposal… seriously? The sad thing is, it actually happens. Unless you met your bride to be through text, I would be safe and get down on one knee and pop the question the traditional way.

3 and 4. A text message that shows up as two text messages
Shooting a text to someone was supposed to be quick, painless and save us time. Sometimes we get moving so fast that we send multiple text in a row, DON’T! By the time you send two or three texts in a row, I’m already behind and can’t keep up with the conversation. Relax!

5. A photo of your junk
I read a stat that said 1 in 17 people have sent a full nude or ‘kinda’ nude pic from their phone. And almost 15% had received a pic like that, use some common sense. If you don’t want someone to see your Prince Harry, don’t send the pic!

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