Boy Bands From Today Verses Yesterday?

Depending on who you ask, and what age they are, this answer will vary.  Back in the mid 90’s we experienced the “Boy Band’ craze….  I was a DJ on the radio in Chicago in the middle of it all and loving it!!  Maybe because I had the chance to interview and hang out with Backstreet Boys, NSync and 98 Degrees during that time,  I will forever have a soft spot for them.

I’m still a radio DJ in this new era of boy bands, but for me I favor the boy bands of yesterday, (perhaps it’s my age).  I actually REALLY like The Wanted, and pick them over One Direction.  I think I’m out numbered there….   girls today go crazy for 1D!

Even my co-worker Slacker thinks Big Time Rush or One Direction is the next “it” boy band.  After Slacker heard that NKOTB passed the torch to The Wanted at the MixTape Festival  where both bands were performing at, Slacker totally slammed  that statement.  Personally, I  think that no one will ever compare to the original boy bands.

So what do YOU think?


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