Usher Held In Contempt of Court Over Ex-Wife’s Credit Card

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Usher Raymond & Tameka Foster Custody Hearing

More bad news for R&B singer Usher.  The singer was held in contempt of court for canceling ex-wife Tameka Raymond’s Saks charge card and ordered to immediately reinstate it.  According to Tameka, she needs the charge account to operate her hairstyling business, and the judge agreed.  No word on why she can’t open HER OWN Saks card for HER OWN business.  Mr. Raymond also was ordered to cough up $1300 for the nanny, which he could probably find in his couch cushions.  This custody battle/divorce is enough to make ANYONE seriously reconsider marriage as a whole.  Seriously Tameka, how many years are you gonna drag this out for?

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