My Classic Car Moment!

It’s a gorgeous day today in the Motor City!  The perfect day for the annual Woodward Dream Cruise! One my way to the Amp studios this morning, I was driving behind an old 1967 convertible Corvette  Sting Ray…  What a sweet ride!  It had me reminiscing on a classic beauty I use to drive.

I grew up in Los Angeles, California a state that definitely showed it’s love for classic cars..  I went to a lot of car shows, but we didn’t have the energy and cruises like you do here in Detroit.  Maybe they do now, I left California a long time ago.  My junior year in High School my best friend had the opportunity to buy a 1967 Mustang Fastback for only a $1000.  This car was a beauty!!!!  Original green paint and everything inside and out was in MINT condition!!!   I don’t even remember who she bought the car from and why on earth he even sold it to her for just a grand.  We were ecstatic to be cruising in this Mustang.  Since I was the better driver, I drove it the most!

We called this classic Mustang, “The Green Manalishi,” and we were two CRAZY teenagers cruising the streets of Hollywood  and beyond like we owned it!  That car was FAST, and looking back we were pretty lucky we didn’t crash it!!!  At the time we knew it was a classic car,  but too young to really understand it all.  Unfortunately the car kept breaking down, and my best friend didn’t have the money to keep fixing it up.  She eventually sold it.  Had I’d known what I know now about classic cars, I would of bought it from her and just sat on it.  Maybe one day I buy my own classic car, and it probably be a 1967 Mustang…..



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