Did You Know Buck And Coop Are On Instagram?

Unless you are living under a rock, you have Instagram installed on your phone!  If not, you better wake up!  Instagram is this awesome photo sharing website that with a few clicks of your phone, you can share cool photos with all of your friends!  You can check out Buck and Coop, @buckandcoop, on there as well.  You can even see what happens behind-the-scenes!

While Buck and Coop are always doing something cool, or even crazy, on the radio, they are even more fun when they are just hanging out after the show.  While they get to interview different artists and do lots of other cool things, they have their guilty pleasures as well (Coop watches reruns of The Hills)!   All you have to do is follow @buckandcoop on Instagram to check out what goes on! 

If you aren’t quite sure if you should follow them, check out the current gallery of some of the pictures they have posted on Instagram.  Just click the picture of Buck and Coop below, and you can check them out!

lupe fiasco Did You Know Buck And Coop Are On Instagram?



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