Katy Perry’s Naked Butt Exposed!

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A dream of mine, and millions of other people, has finally come true; Katy Perry lost her bikini bottom and everyone saw her naked butt!  Katy was enjoying some time at a local water park in San Dimas, California, when on one of the attractions, her bikini bottom almost came all the way off.  The best part was that it took quite a bit of time to notice her butt was exposed for everyone to see, and to take pictures of!

I almost didn’t believe it when I read the headline “Katy Perry loses bikini bottom and exposes butt.”  Believe me, I have been cheated before when trying to find half-naked celebrities (don’t judge me.)  But this time, our friends at What Would Tyler Durden Do had a quick photographer that was able to capture about 24 different pictures of Katy Perry’s naked butt!  While a bare butt is all you see, I would say these are not as for work!  So creep on Katy with care!

You can see Katy’s bare butt at WWTDD.com.  And remember, these pictures are 100% NSFW!

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