Kim Kardashian And Kanye West have So Much In Common

Kim K says the reason that her and Kanye work out so well is because they have so much in common.  I know they both have huge egos but I guess it is more than that! She says the biggest thing they have in common is their passion for fashion she went on to say…

“If I have a design meeting, or he has one, we come
back and talk about how our meetings went. It’s cool, cause you can definitely
get more in-depth with someone who actually knows what you’re talking about . .
. When this whole life is done, and it’s just the two of us sitting somewhere
when we’re 80, you want to have things to talk about that you have in common. I
think that’s something maybe I didn’t value as highly as a quality I cared about

Kim also went on to say she wants to finalize her divorce so she can marry Kanye! I am personally getting scared she will single-handedly change Americas divorce rate


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