Liberty Ross wants to work it out with Rupert Sanders..

When the cheating scandal broke out between Kristen Stewart and director Rupert Sanders, most of the chatter was about Kristen and Robert Pattinson. There’s another person who was caught in the chaos.  Liberty Ross, the gorgeous wife of Rupert Sanders.  Everyone assumed she would leave him, especially after she was spotted not wearing her wedding ring.  I guess she’s had a change of heart.

TMZ is reporting that even though Liberty met with lawyers her end game is NOT divorce.   Instead Liberty and Rupert are seeing a marriage and family therapist. Liberty’s goal is to figure out why Rupert cheated to begin with and she hopes to find  some sort of closure with it.  Liberty wants Rupert to understand that what he did was wrong and of course to realize its a mistake that cannot happen again.

Hmmmmmm  My theory is once a cheater always a cheater!!!  I could NEVER take my husband back.  I couldn’t get past it, and I would never trust him again.   That’s just me and how I feel.  Where do you stand on this?


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