Grouplove Reveal What Christina Aguilera and Ke$ha Smell Like

Festival season brings many bands together in tight quarters, some acts gravitating closer than others. Upon learning that Grouplove and Ke$ha have become fast friends, we had to ask: what does Ke$ha smell like? The band filled CBS Local in and had some intriguing comments about Christina Aguilera.

As far as what Ke$ha smells like, Ryan Rabin turned the cards on bandmate Andrew Wessen.

“Andrew is close friends with her,” Ryan said. “He would know.”

“I would, huh?” Andrew remarked skeptically.

Hannah Hooper jumped in before Andrew had a second to explain.

“On a side note, I have friends that lived in Pittsburgh and they grew up around Christina Aguilera and they swear to God that she smells like hot dogs,” she said. “Swear. And that’s just a side note.”

Perhaps thankful for her intrusion, Andrew remarked that he liked her segue.

“Ke$ha, what does she smell like?” Hannah asked. “Cotton candy and Febreze.”

And on that, they all agreed.

-Annie Reuter, CBS Local

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