Almost Everyone On Facebook Admits To ‘Stalking’ An Ex…Do You?

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LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images

LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images

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Thanks to Facebook, people can keep tabs on their old flames… if the old flame is brave enough to ‘friend’ an ex.

In fact, 88% of users have checked up on ex-partners on Facebook, and 74% use it to keep tabs on their ex’s new love interests.

Good news for exes: only 48% stay “Facebook friends” with their ex-lover after the split.

Bad news for exes: 70% use mutual friends’ profiles on the site to follow their former lovers without them knowing.

Most exes scan through pictures, check status updates and use the site to see if their former flame is dating. Now is your chance to be honest, do you Facebook stalk your ex? I went as far as asking a friend for his password, so I could log on as him and scope out her page… sad I know!

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