Marina And The Diamonds ‘Taps That’ With Buck And Coop

Buck and Coop were visited by Marina and the Diamonds, and they weren’t too sure what to expect.  They knew she is full of energy, but early in the morning, most people are half awake. But when trying to play “Tap Out,” Marina mistakes it for “Tap That!”

Buck and Coop actually talked to Marina about her family and if they thought she “made it” yet, and was happy with her success.  But she is pretty sure that no matter what kind of fame she gets, at the end of the day, her parents don’t treat her any different.  Buck and Coop said their parents are the same way, especially because their parents think they just sit around all day.  Coop says that’s why “it’s the best job ever.”

Then they broke the news to Marina it was time to play Tap Out.  This is where Marina got confused between “tap out” and “tap that.”   That just made the game just that much better!

You can also listen by clicking here.

Buck And Coop
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