Flo Rida’s Dream Collaboration!

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Flo Rida has had a lot of big hit records.  I still find myself singing, ” shorty got them apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur.”  His latest album, Wild Ones was released July 3 and his new song Whistle is blowing up on the charts!  I love Flo Rida. His music is upbeat and fun!

So who is Flo Rida’s dream artist he’d like to collaborate with?  Beyonce!!  I hope she would be open to work with Flo Rida.  She’s kind of on a whole different level, and doesn’t do a lot of collaborations unless it’s with her husband Jay Z!  I guess we all have dreams……

Have you seen the video yet for Whistle?  What a great summer song and video.  Check it out!

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