Is ‘Dark Knight Rises’ As Epic As It Looks?

This Friday is the opening for the last installment from Christopher Nolan in his Batman series.  The Dark Knight Rises seems to be raising many questions by fans of the caped crusader, and some say that it might just be the best so far.  Some are even saying that the villain in this movie is just as good as Heath Ledger’s version of The Joker!

Not really sure if it’s possible to have a performance as amazing as Heath Ledger as The Joker from the last Batman movie, The Dark Knight. But according to Yahoo, Tom Hardy, who plays Bane in the new flick, gives a performance that rivals Heath! Even the director, Christopher Nolan, says he is a very strong villain, but much different from the Joker.

“There is a very meticulous and calculated way about Bane. There is a huge orchestration of organization to his ambition. He is also a physical threat to Batman. There is nothing vague about Bane. No jokes. He’s a very clean, clear villain”

Here is a special 13 minute preview of what you can expect this Friday!

And don’t forget, you can actually win tickets for the midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises, at Emagine Theatre in Royal Oak!  Click HERE to find out how.

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