Is There A New iPad On The Way?

Apple seems to have the most rumors about it compared to any other company.  So called “experts” always make claims that there are new products coming out and when.  While many times they are wrong, sometimes these “experts” are right on.  Right now, there are a few companies that claim they work closely with Apple on the iPad, and they have been told to start production on a new one!

According to Yahoo, an unknown company that claims they do production work on the screens for the iPad have come out to say they have been told by Apple to get ready to go into “mass production” for the screens for a new product!  The company claims they have been told to go into mass production for a smaller screen for a tablet computer.  The company claims that with a request like this, a launch date is near!

With other companies trying to jump into the tablet market, Apple might think it’s time to get back in the game with something brand new.  But what do you think?  Doe the world need ANOTHER iPad?


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