Christian Kids Burning Crosses Into Skin As New Challenge

What is wrong with kids these days?  Are they that bored, or  just that stupid?  First K2 and now this!

Parents beware there’s a new teen fad on the rise.  It called the “salt and ice challenge.”  This new teen fad  is learned by watching YouYube video’s and  through social media, teens have popularized this dangerous new game. Christian kids all across the nation are giving it a try, and worse yet are looking at it as a challenge.

The “salt and ice challenge” is when a participant pours salt on the skin in the shape of a cross. Then they press ice cubes into it, or an open ice pack, and hold it in place until the ice melts or until the burning pain becomes so unbearable, they need to stop.  What they don’t understand is that it’s extremely dangerous.  This 12 year old boy from Pittsburgh, who’s identity has not been released, found out the hard way when he participated with his brother in the “salt and ice challenge” and suffered second degree burns.  The picture is very disturbing, click here to see it.


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