How To Get Your Drinks Chilled In Record Times!

I have had a debate with my friends for years about the fastest ways to get your drinks cold for your bbq or maybe a picnic at the beach.  There are a few ways to get your drinks chilled, but what is REALLY the fastest way?!  Here is a hint: ice alone will not get your drinks cold in the quickest time!

Until I learned this cool trick to get my drinks cold, I always just threw a bag of ice in a cooler and let it surround my bottles and cans.  But time after time, it would take almost 45 minutes to get the stuff in the cooler, actually cool.  Well, a few years back, I learned a cool trick that will get your room temperature drinks cold in just minutes!

All you need is your cooler.  Some ice, water and salt!  All the ice, water AND salt to the cooler, and your drinks will get very cold, very quickly to the desired temperature!  The way the salt reacts with the water and ice, it actually brings the temperature down!

Buck And Coop
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