New And Improved Carnival Food?

Everyone loves fried foods.  And Buck claims he is a fried food expert.  His favorite might be a corn dog, but I think that if he went to a carnival or county fair any time soon, he would be in heaven!  Corn dogs and funnel cakes seem like the fried foods of the past when we take a look at all the new kinds of food that the carts at the fair have.  If you ever thought something couldn’t be fried, you need to learn the art of frying foods!

Buck would eat an old rain boot if it was deep fried.  While the San Diego county fair might not be frying boots, they are frying a ton of other random things!  Seeing someone eat the deep fried White Castle burger makes my left arm tingle!

I’m sure if Buck hasn’t tried these fried foods yet, he will soon!

Buck And Coop
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