Chris Brown VS Drake in Boxing? $10 Million on the Line…

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Well, this stuff is getting HEAVY.  Last week we heard that a boxing promoter offered Chris Brown and Drake an easy million a piece to get in the ring and settle their differences.  Like men.  Without bottles.  Well, we haven’t heard anything from Drake or Breezy’s camp, but the stakes HAVE been raised.  Now the offer is $1 million for the loser, and $9 million for the winner.  $9 Million?!  What do you think, will either party be down to rumble?  I hate to live in the past, but with Breezy’s track record, I’d peg him to be the one to want to settle it in the ring.  And as the winner.  Sorry Drake, you’re a lover, NOT a fighter.   For the record, I’d go ten rounds with EITHER of those punks for a shot at $9 million.  Or for the $1 mil really.  As long as they put us in a cage…

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