We Got Razor Scooters at Amp Radio Now. Who’s Gonna Bust Their Ass First?

So, a few months ago we picked up a new toy at Amp Radio.  A pair of Razor scooters, perfect for zooming around the building!  The bosses kept em locked up pretty tight at first, but today someone accidentally left one out….  I did like twelve laps around the building.  Don’t hate, I had a deprived childhood.  Anyhow, after I almost ran over a woman, I realized that someone is DEFINITELY gonna fall and bust their ass on one of these.  Who?  Buck?  He looks like he fits on it pretty good though.  Gillian?  She looks kinda equilibriumly challenged.  Roxanne? IDK if shes ever rode one of these before.  It could be me even, I havent been on two wheels in like 5 years!  My best bet is Coop though.  Because everyone else will just wanna ride it, he’ll want to jump over stairs or get pulled by a car or something crazy.

Who do you think is gonna fall off first?


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